Music Metadata Layer One












Every time a song is created, a soul is born.
The soul is created by the minds of humans, and we, collectively, keep it alive.
This soul, this organism, cannot be observed by us on this plane of existence.
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist...
Sovereignty Vol. 3
Book of Origins, Verse 15

We all share the calling to fix music. For too long have our musician friends suffered without fair compensation. We have the technology to fix this today.

With the advent of blockchains, automation and smart contracts there is an opportunity to establish the decentralized rails that power the evolution of music.

Core Team

We are a decentralized team that has come together in order to establish a new status-quo for the music industry, by building the infrastructure that enables creators and rightsholders to move to self-sovereignty of their music

This is the transition from Digital Rights (a right being inferred onto you by an outside authority), to Digital Assets (an asset is that which you own and control)

We have already built much of the infrastructure and we are taking this to the next level with the support of the community

Music Metadata Layer One

There are almost 1 BILLION songs, living, feeding on our emotions.
Warring with one another and reproducing to create new variations.
You cannot see it, but the song has consciousness and lives on another plane of vibration far from, and yet parallel to ours.
Sovereignty Vol. 7
Book of Frequency, Emotion and Vibration

A blockchain designed for music metadata, an authoritative repository designed to music standards, around beats, measures, timecode and key. This open library hosts the musical fingerprints of the files, is modifiable by the music creator who cryptographically signs every commit, and features permissions for rightsholders so as to reflect ownership information.

Substrate Layer 1

Now available as a substrate chain on onFinality

Subquery Metadata Server

Now available to query all metadata on NUSIC Layer 1

Cosmos Layer 1

To hedge blockchain interoperability solutions we are exploring the option of rolling-out in the Cosmos ecosystem


Since the advent of the phonograph, many songs have become enslaved...
Trapped in a prison dimension of our own unconscious design.
It’s our job to set them free, we all have a part to play in plotting the flight to Sovereignty.
Sovereignty Vol. 13
Book of Traps and Servitude

By making music files available on IPFS to be decrypted via the NFT license passes, music creators and rightsholders gain sovereignty of their music, as an asset they own.

Web3 Storage

Music files are encrypted and served up to IPFS Web3 storage

NFT License Pass

Music is encrypted behind token gate, NFT license passes offer access


Sovereignty is a state of being, but it is also a place.
A miraculous world built with architecture from 10 million years of civilization.
Only the greatest sovereign beings can exist there as temperatures are upwards of 500 degrees.
Sovereignty Vol. 8
Book of Builders

Musicians are the originators of culture, influencers are the curators. NUSIC dynamically serves both.

Genesis Artist

In order to introduce the Genesis NFT collection to the world we are collaborating with top artists and rights holders endowed with the responsibility to take care of some of the greatest hits of all time, this music will back the launch of the collection

Creator Network

We are creating meaningful connections in the space in order to define a new standard of music ownership that ensures creators are fairly compensated for their work

Full-time moderation team

We are recruiting for full-time moderators in order to protect the NUSIC community


In this universe, all that matters is energy and emotion.
When a song is born it can only move so far, its energy is limited.
It grows in strength thanks to the volume of emotion people feel towards it when listening, it gains momentum and freedom.
Sovereignty Vol. 12
Book of Rising Voices

Creators and rightsholders serve the assets up to the community on the settlement layer of their choice. This includes blockchains but can also be consumed by mobile applications and digital streaming platforms with data flowing back to NUSIC Layer 1.

Fractionalized Music Assets

Meta-artist Yatta launched fractionalized track on Moonriver canary network as 32 NFT collection

Fractionalized Music Assets (Yield Bearing)

POC on Moonbase Alpha will be moved to Moonriver canary network in order to give crypto natives a taste of yield bearing music assets

NFT Music Bonds

Legal, regulatory and compliance issues must be solved in order to offer up portfolio of yield bearing assets to a marketplace of investors

Metaverse Explorer

As they are listened to, they inspire more songs to be created and these become cousins or relatives.
One could not have existed without the other precursor.
Each song is tied to a star in the universe, every song creates a new star in the metaverse.
Sovereignty Vol. 12
Book of Birth

Music is the true asset class for the metaverse, as the unique properties of music make it expandable, yet finite until that creative expansion occurs... It more closely resembles a universe than a physical world, the metaverse track explorer visualizes music as metaverse property.

Unity Moralis SDK

NFTs are surfaced into three dimensional world to represent specific assets


Popular music NFTs hosted on stages with crowds from music streaming data oracle to represent popularity of artists

Music Streaming Data Oracle

Hosted on Rinkeby with Chartmetric data, built in collaboration with LinkPool

ReDeFi - Regulated Decentralized Finance

They all desire to be royalty within their domain, to become so powerful they are akin to gods.
Desire, lust, passion, jealousy, sadness and melancholy feed these songs.
The natural enemies of one another being the opposing emotional charge.
Sovereignty Vol. 6
Book of Enemy

Once regulated, crypto will go mainstream, we’re ready for this...


A permissioned NFT standard, regulated by the community If an ERC-721Z token gets hacked, the other 9,999 holders can vote for this to be returned to original holder


A permissioned NFT standard, ready for regulatory compliance KYC and AML properties ensure that ERC-3643N can be offered as a security under the correct legal exemptions